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About Us

Delicious Italian Food Since 1995

Ferrucci Ristorante

Ferrucci Ristorante first opened our doors in 1995. At that time, we were just a small mom and pop shop with 60 seats, but we made delicious homestyle Italian food that our customers craved. Now, we’ve expanded to a 150-seat restaurant with the same great Italian dishes and exceptional service.

Over the years, we’ve only gotten better at cooking mouth-watering Italian food that tastes just like it was cooked in your grandmother’s kitchen. As a down-to-earth, family-friendly restaurant serving Italian classics and unique creations, we pride ourselves on offering something that everyone will love. Whether you come visit us on a date or for a party—we have a 20-person private room—there’s a dish for every palate at Ferrucci Ristorante.

With a full menu of different Italian dishes, featuring both northern and southern-style cooking, and an extensive wine menu for the perfect pairing, your meal will be delicious no matter what you order. From pasta to salad, soup, chicken, and veal, we’ve got it all. We even play live music periodically.

Come on into Ferrucci Ristorante today for a quaint and cozy eatery that will leave you feeling 100% satisfied with your meal and service. Call 850-913-9131 for a reservation.


  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce


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